Isn't it about time you took some time out for you?

Remember you? Remember how good it feels when your cup is full to the point of spilling over? Remember how good it feels to feel aligned with your body and your higher purpose? Remember how good it feels to have an overflowing cup and support, encourage and love in all other areas of your life because you're so overflowing...?

No? Whether you don't remember how good it feels or you've never felt this way before is exactly why you need to join us for a yoga safari in Byron Bay, a business retreat or a private glamping getaway!

My cup was half empty and now it’s overflowing with love and compassion to share.

GLAMorous camping

Glamping in luxury safari tents in the rainforest, by a lake or on a tropical island


Yoga styles from Yin to Hatha and Yogalates with gentle guided meditation

adventure activities

Adventure in nature from mountain hiking to lake kayaking and SUP


Gourmet meals prepared with care and served as a picnic or under a starry sky

Imagine a glamping retreat in a natural wonderland with the sole delicious exclusive purpose of filling your cup to inspire, empower and create space within yourself to allow you to give so much more to the other areas in your life...

Come and find your bliss at a yoga safari, a wellbeing tour of Byron Bay or a private glamping retreat! You will LOVE it!

Byron Bay Yoga Safari

A women's weekend glamping retreat in the rolling green hills of Byron Bay. Yoga, meditation, sound healing, and so much more. Connect with nature and yourself.

Rest, restore and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul on a long weekend of bliss!

It's happening 28 September - 1 October 2018!


Backpacks for Bloke

Get in the New Year spirit and donate a backpack full of toiletries and small luxuries for homeless men in Byron Bay!

Private Glamping

Private Glamping Retreat for couples, friends or special occasions! Want a glamorous getaway or to celebrate something special? Design your own yoga safari! Book anytime. A private yoga retreat with your own glamping tent, yoga & meditation sessions & gourmet meals in Byron Bay.

Byron Bliss Tour

Come on a Byron Bliss Tour for a day retreat you'll never forget! A blissful day tour of the soulful town of Byron Bay with yoga, meditation, gourmet picnic, the Crystal Castle & tropical spa time. Want to know all of the secret spots? This is our hometown. Let us show you around.

Business Retreat

Book your own retreat customised to suit your business and wellbeing needs in nature. Do you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of business success? Stressed out by all of the demands on you & with no true support? Grow, connect and be empowered. Enjoy a retreat made especially for you.



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A yoga adventure like no other.

Want to take your safari to Africa? We've got upcoming retreats in Mozambique and Kenya in 2019. A yoga adventure you'll never forget.