So, why glamping...?

Glamping is a way that you can connect to YOURSELF through nature. We created our retreats as a yoga safari with glamorous camping, nourishing food and restorative yoga. Every part of our retreats are carefully crafted with YOU in mind! It's all about finding your bliss in a beautiful natural setting and being able to let go. Doing yoga and having adventures and laughing together. 

We're here to take you on a journey! To bring the glamour to a yoga, meditation and adventure retreat. Barefoot on the grass, at the top of a mountain or on a white sandy beach.


kate love

Kate uses mindfulness to create a sense of moving meditation to her yoga practice. She teaches yoga, business retreats & adventure safaris around the world. She is an experienced travel writer and editor for Uplift, lifestyle coach & counsellor, who also volunteers at a homeless women's project.

  • Yoga, mindfulness, meditation, yoga therapy, writing & counselling

Byron Bay Business Retreats - a customised program that supports you to develop better business behaviours & add balance to your day-to-day life while following an innovative & successful business plan; all while visiting beautiful Byron Bay.


Seriya has travelled the world developing as a healer & offers gentle yoga focused on restoration. She is trained in Yin and Hatha yoga & also offers the Hawaiian art of Kahuna bodywork. She does sound healing, chakra meditation journeys & music of the plants.

  • Yoga, massage, sound healing, mineral therapy and wellness workshops

Sound Healing Australia - Trainings for sound healing using crystal bowls, mantra, voice, harmonium & the tamboura as a way to be guided into a deep meditative space and receive a shift in energy physically, emotionally, mentally & spiritually.

I’m so blessed to have shared this retreat. I feel energised, inspired and lighter. Hopefully I can continue to reflect on this experience. Thank you for being such beautiful and inspiring women.

Jessica Humphries
Yoga Journal

Jess is the editor of Yoga Journal, Australia's leading yoga magazine. She is trained in both Vinyasa Power yoga & Purna yoga & does yoga teacher training. She brings all of her spiritual knowledge & holistic guidance to the Byron Bliss Tours.

Rebecca Gunson
Humming bee

Rebecca uses movement through yoga, sound & dance to explore the body & mind connection. She does drumming, plays the guitar & sings, bringing music & a sense of rhythm into everything that she offers. She brings her vibrant energy to the Byron Bay Yoga Safari for yogadance sessions that will bring out your inner goddess.

Matty Rainbow

Matty is passionate about staying healthy through adventure activities & bringing about lasting positive change. He does sound healing, kinesiology & Hawaiian Kahuna Bodywork massage. Enjoy a healing private session and Hawaain flying with Matty in Byron Bay.

lorien waldron
Wholesome loving goodness

Lorien's passion for health has led her to see that many of the imbalances we are faced with in life stem from an imbalance in our food, nutrition and eating approaches.

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant, cooking classes and personal wellness coaching

Imbalance in our food, nutrition and eating approaches. Without the need for complex medicines and therapies - simply addressing the basics, such as food & lifestyle can get to the cause of what is going on and create some profound positive changes within that ripple out into our families, relationships, communities and the world at large.


Will harvey-jones
binky films

Will, known by most as Binky, is a filmmaker and editor who produces content for Yogafari. His work has been recognised by film competitions and festivals around the world. His speciality is documentary making and he captures the spirit of his film topic.

The mix of three different energies with Kate, Seriya and Bec was such a perfect combination; fun and kind, passionate and confident, calm and connected...perfect! Very welcoming and talented.

We also offer Byron Bay wellbeing tours! Find out more information about our Byron Bliss Tours. Or book your own Private Glamping Retreat.

Safari means journey in Swahili and we are here to take you on a journey into your mind, body and soul! You will LOVE it!