Why I Love Men

To one man, to all men

To every man, from every woman.

I honour you.

You are strong like a mountain

You pushed your way up out of the earth.
Your roots go deep and your head is high in the clouds.
When I reach the top of one of your peaks, I realise that there is another, higher, summit to climb.
Every step I take opens me up to a new vista, the way you look at the world.
I can lean on you when I feel weak.
You are strong.

You are beautiful like the sun

Your eyes are full of the sunrise promise of a new day.
Your heart is warm and shining with a love that lights me up.
When I am around you, I feel the heat of your energy radiating onto me, keeping me warm.
Your passion for everything around you burns bright, a strong purpose.
I am filled up by your light.
You are beautiful.

You are wise like the moon

I see within you the true wisdom of your soul.
You have the knowledge of the ages etched deep in you.
A curiosity for the world around you, an understanding of the way things really are.
You share this insight with others, and let them share theirs to you.
I am inspired by your intelligence.
You are wise.

You are sensual like the sea

Your body is a temple that I want to worship at.
The ebb and flow of your breath makes me catch mine.
You move with fluid grace, a thrust of your hips, a turn of your full lips towards mine.
I love the way you touch my body, the way your fingers dance on my skin.
I love the feel of your body next to me.
You are sensual.

You are deep like a lake

Your emotions are written across your face.
It is a book I want to delve into over and over again.
You feel deeply, not afraid of your emotions, never holding back from expressing them.
You reach out to those around you with true compassion in your heart.
I love your small acts of kindness.
You are deep.

You are grounded like the earth

You stand firmly with your feet planted on the earth.
You are unshakable, even when the wind hits you, shakes your branches.
I see how firm you are in your convictions, the way you stand up for what is right and just.
You make me feel safe, you make me feel held, secure in your arms.
I love the way that you hold space for me.
You are grounded.

You are infinite like the sky

You are everything that you need to be.
You are perfect as you are, your flaws only part of your perfection.
I see your ups, I see your downs, I see your everything in between, I see it all with you.
You have within you everything already and there is no limit.
I love the way that you are simply you.
You are infinite.

You are my balance.

The sun to my moon. The mountain to my river. The earth to my sky.

You are in my heart.

I love you.

Words by Kate Love