What is a Liberated Heart?

Visions of free and flying winged hearts like so many renaissance cherubs

What is the heart thus liberated?

Not the one of atria ventricles, pulsing and pumping

Not the one battered and broken when love is lost

It is the innermost heart

            The connection to soul

            The source of deep wisdom


The liberated heart yearns for connection, desires deep inner wisdom, aches to come home to itself

            A heart open to truth

            A heart open to joy

            A heart open to harmony

            A heart open to stillness

            A heart open to love

Forever conscious of the flow of energy like a barometer to storms, a canary in the mineshaft

Accepting the magic God offers

            The beauty

            The learning

            The guidance

It dances to the song of the Universe, of Heaven

It flies in the glory of freedom

To know true freedom, first fully surrender

            A surrender of self

            A surrender of attachment


Limited, fettered, chained this heart of mine?

And what forges these chains and by what authority?

The regrets of things past that cannot be changed

The fears for a future that might never be

The shoulds and the oughts, the reaction, the self-debasing…


And what brings me home, home to my heart?

            The harmony in nature

            The stillness

            Being open to love

            To give, to receive

            The appreciation of all that I am, of all my possibilities

            The gratitude for all that I have been given


Look, look at self

Feel, feel my body

Love you and love me too

Open heart to learning

Fly with joy filled wings

Liberated heart connecting with soul


Words by Dr Jane Barker