There is No Pedestal

You can’t knock me off my pedestal.

And I can’t knock you off yours. Because there is no pedestal.

Not the kind that makes me higher than you, or you higher than me.

Not the kind where I look down on you, or you look up at me. Where I look up at you, or you look down on me.

The kind that we look across at each other, and smile.

We're Here Together

I am not better than you, wiser than you, more beautiful than you.

You are everything that I am, and I am everything that you are. We breathe. We love. We live.

We’re here together.

Walking, talking, being.

There is no reason to put you on a pedestal.

Why would I raise you up without raising myself up?

Flaws and All

If I look up at you, then I lose my balance. If I look down at you, I lose my balance. I’ve done it before and it’s only made me fall down.

If I put you on a pedestal you look down at me and why would I ever want that?

I don’t love you more than me. I love you just as much as I love myself.

I love you as you are. Flaws and all. Because I love myself as I am. Flaws and all.

There is only us. Looking across at each other. Smiling at each other.

Lift Each Other Up

Saying with our eyes; I know. I know it’s not easy to be here. I know the pain, the struggle. I know the love, the joy. I know all of that because I live it too.

You are me and I am you.

I lift you up, you lift me up. We lift each other.

Not looking down. Not looking up.

Looking across. Eyes knowing. Mouth smiling.

I know you. You know me.

There is no pedestal.

Words by Kate Love