The Glory Box

The concept of glory boxes seems archaic with their quilts and homemade toffee.

What would I put in my daughter's glory box?

This should be a box of dreams; not dreams of a home in suburbia but dreams of adventure, a life of fulfilment, a life to be lived.

So there will be no frilly pillowcases and embroidered towels in this glory box. 

Boots Made for Walking

There will be a pair of boots made for walking to carry her up mountains and to scale life's rough terrain.

Coat of Many Colours

There will be a coat of many colours to use to face the world or simply to retreat into.

Love Song Book

There will be a ong book with songs of love, songs of dreams and songs of joy to sing across the hills.

Moon Beams

There will be moon beams to guide her when the light is low.

Wild Flowers

There will be flowers to gather in bunches and press to her face.

A Touch of Magic

There will be dreams of knight in white shining armour, magical creatures and spectaculrar waterfalls.

There will be love and abundance.

And there will be angels and dolphins to travel with her.

A Glory Box for Kate from her mum Jane