I Am Not My Story

I am willing to show up in all of my beauty, wisdom and power.

I have a beautiful soul and a gentle heart. This beauty should not be hidden from others or from myself. It is something to set free, to be truly me.

My Old Stories

I am willing to let go of old stories; that I am not good enough, that I have failed, that I don't have the strength to move forwards. These stories hold my wings down and don't let me fly.

I am not my stories and my stories are not me.

My stories are what I tell to myself and others to understand the world around me and my place in it. They are not me.

My New Stories

I am a beautiful soul with much to give and much to receive. 

My stories that tell of shame, that tell of fear, that hold me back, these are not stories that I need to keep telling myself. 

What if I told stories of my courage to face what I'm afraid of, my caring nature and compassion for others, my sense of right and wrong that is my moral compass, my appreciation for the natural balance and harmony of all things, my strong sense of self and belief in who I am? These stories lift me up, let my wings spread and soar across the sky.

My True Story

But what is my true story? What is it really?

If I let go of hopes, dreams, desires and fears, what am I left with?

I am left with me. My simple pure essence. Letting go of all the stories, my story is simply this: I am.

Words by Kate Love