Free to be Truly Me

I am a woman who is committed to helping other women embark upon their own journey of self discovery.  I believe that when we come together to support each other, we have greater strength, and together we are able to accomplish so much more than we ever thought possible.

I grew up on the East coast of Australia, in the Byron Shire NSW. It is a magical part of the world, If you ever have the opportunity to visit the area I guarantee you will never forget it!

Healing the Hurt

I experienced serious bullying, abandonments and sexual abuse as a child and it affected me deeply. After a lot of personal growth and self discovery I have been able heal a lot the hurt and confusion I went through in my younger years. I have taken my experiences and used them to drive me forward in a way that I can inspire and support other women to do the same.

Finding Your Passion

I have many passions and I found it impossible to choose only one or two services to offer. The more I tried to only focus on one aspect, the more restricted I felt. So after a lot of contemplation I had an amazing AH HA moment. What if I combined all my passions and share the five different elements of my life that have made my lifestyle so abundantly beautiful and healthy!

Following Your Heart

So that's exactly what I did. I followed my heart and though doing that I have found amazing inner peace. I now teach those around me to take dailysteps to creating their dreams and by taking action it can become a reality.

I am a passionate Pilates instructor, Barre instructor and Personal trainer. I am now able to combine all these qualities along side my knowledge of self development and cellular nourishment to embody a unique experiences for each and every human I cross paths with. How blessed am I to live a life I love and love the life I live.

The Inner Goddess

I believe that within us lies a beautiful goddess, this word may not be one that often describes how you feel about yourself,  however, it is my intention to shift your inner perception, because I am determined for you to see what I see. 

I am a firm believer that whatever age, shape or colour,  we are all earth angels capable of reaching our true potential.

I am here to support, encourage and inspire transformation, that has been contemplated for so long.

What I Believe

I believe a healthy happy lifestyle is one led with an open heart, eating good clean, green, and lean foods, daily movements, combined all this with beautiful experiences.

I believe that it is imperative that we as individuals combine a healthy mindset, good nutrition and regular daily movement into our lives, if we are to move forward and progress on our journey of transformation - whatever that may look like for you.

Remember change isn´t easy, you have to work for it, every little step you take is taking you closer to being your best self.

It's Time

It's time beautiful ones. Come be apart of this conscious community. Together we can make this world a happier, healthier place.

Words by Tahra Golightly