A Ray of Light

The way you see the world fascinates me,
You fill your surrounds with beauty and love,
An entire room lights up whenever smile,
You're so pure, so beautiful, our little white dove.

When we first met I felt I had gained a friend,
An instant connection dressed in peach cashmere,
You took me under your wing and showed me the world,
I knew I'd met a new sister, so much more than a soul peer.

Then I meet the divine and special Miss Honey.
Of course you have a dog full of energy and life,
Full of play spirit with a heart filled with gold,
She makes you smile even while getting into strife.

With every word, with every share, you inspire,
I just adore all of you, every little bit.
Your thoughtfulness, kindness, appreciation so bountiful,
I think we need to work out how to bottle it.

May you continue blessing the world with your amazing qualities.
May you continue your great work with your teachings.
May you continue to release your inner beauty upon everything you touch.
May you continue to shine from that golden light of totality. 

Your intuition
Your purity
Your sweet sweet centre
Your inner and outer light
Your playfulness
Your creativity and individuality
Your strength
Your courage
Your positivity
Your guidance
Your heart oh your heart
Your openness
Your rawness
You allowed me to see you and I'm so very thankful.

Mary, you are pure tasty delicious awesomeness!
There's no one quite like you and I honour you for amazing me so greatly. You're a ray of light that I could bathe in forever.

Poem for Kate Love by Nic Farren