A Love Letter to Myself

I love you.

Truly I do. More and more every day.

I love who you are. I love what you do. I love all of it.

The Adventurer

I love that you love adventures.

That you want to get out into the world. To see it, to experience it.

I love the way you paddleboard with the sun on your skin and a smile on your face.

I love that you have walked with elephants in Botswana. Climbed up a glacial ice cliff in Svalbard. Slept under a million desert stars in Namibia.

I love that you get out of your comfort zone. I love the adventurer in you.

The Nester

I love that you love to nest.

That you create a beautiful space wherever you go. That you take home with you.

I love the way you fill a room with fresh flowers, with scented candles, with paintings, with cushions, with love.

I love that you love to retreat from the world. To take time for yourself to read a book with a cup of hot chocolate.

I love that you create beautiful nests. I love that you retreat.

The Fun Lover

I love that you love having fun.

I love that you build sandcastles on the beach and play in the waves.

I love that you jump off bridges, roll on the floor with your dog Honey, make silly faces, start water fights and run through fields of wildflowers.

I love that you’re always ready to laugh. That you’re always smiling.

I love that you are a fun lover. I love your playfulness.

The Deep Side

I love that you have such depth to you.

I love that you know your soul so well, that you connect to your inner heart.

I love that you can drop so easily into meditation, that you understand the complexity of being alive, that you know the deep wisdom of the world.

I love that you don’t put anybody on a pedestal. That you look across at them and smile.

I love that you are deep. I love your soul connection.

The Heart Opener

I love that you have a truly open heart.

I love that you have such compassion for others, and for yourself.

I love that you smile at strangers, that you give small gifts to your friends, that you teach yoga and meditation at a women’s homeless shelter.

I love that you listen to your heart when it says something is right or wrong.

I love your open heart. I love your caring nature.

The Curious Mind

I love that you are curious about the world.

I love that you want to learn more about everything around you, the people, the places, everything.

I love that you listen to current affairs and find every story fascinating, that you have three books on the go at once and that you can't get enough of neuroscience.

I love that you are a storyteller. That you listen. You deeply listen. And then you share those stories.

I love your ever curious mind. I love your intelligence.

All of Me

I love you wholly and completely.

I love the way you love your family, your friends, the birds, the bees and the trees.

I love that you walk gently on the earth but with a strength that shakes it to its very core.

I love that you are such a pure being, a bringer of love, a sharer of wisdom.

I love your adventurer, your nester, your sense of fun, your soulful depth, your open heart, your curious mind.

I love it all. Every single bit.

I don’t care if you’re not perfect because you’re perfect to me.

You are everything to me.


I love you.

Now and forever yours,


Words by Kate Love